Aegean Cements

Our Company imports and distributes in the Greek market the top quality cement of the CEMII/B-M (S-L) 42,5 R type, under the brand name AEGEAN CEMENTS.

This is an innovative building material, given the fact that it consists of high quality raw materials and special additives, remaining at the same time environmentally sensitive.

Furthermore, this cement is characterized by excellent properties for a wide range of uses. Cement is generally a material that is globally used as the most important component for the production of concrete, a material that hardens when mixed with water, of which the distinctive features are its resistance, strength and stability.

Its production process includes the firing of limestone and clay rocks and their subsequent abrasion. Its further reinforcement with additives gives special properties to it, depending on the field of application.

The higher resistance at a later stage, that characterizes our products, is the result of a more progressive rate of development of their resistance at an initial stage. This offers excellent features even after the required 28-day performance period.

Thus, using smaller quantities of cement you can achieve the same strength that could be achieved with the use of normal quantities of other types of cement, however, with a lower cost.

It is the most resistant material against thermal cracks, which is achieved through the progressive hydration of the granular blast furnace slag during the production of cement, so that less heat is generated and that there is a significant reduce of the risk of generation of thermal cracks to the concrete, rendering it thus the most preferred material for high temperature weather conditions, and not only.

More resistant regarding its exposure to water and to the effects of chlorine and other corrosive chemical ingredients, a property which is achieved through the formation of an additional anti-corrosive gel in the concrete, which closes the pores and increases its symmetricalness, protecting thus the steel rods against corrosion.

More resistant against sulfate, given the fact that they contain less aluminum oxide, calcium hydroxide, etc, while requiring the mixture with less water quantities, which has the result of smaller penetration by sulfate ions.

They minimize the risk of alkali-silica reaction in the concrete through the reduction of the size of the pores, of the mobilization of the alkali and of the overall alkali of the system. For this reason, the selection of such type of cements for the construction of the Rion-Antirion bridge, of underground tunnels and all of dams and jetties, where the highest protection and service life of the structures is required, was the only possible solution.

AEGEAN CEMENTS are high performance slag cements, not only for special projects, but also for general purposes, such as the construction and repairing of civil engineering projects, mortars and coatings, as well as every need of our contractor clients, with the certification and guarantee of TSICHLAKIS AEXTE with our 50 years of experience in the sector of production and trade of building materials.

AEGEAN CEMENTS are available in the Greek market in paper sacks of 20, 25, 40 and 50 kilograms with quadruple protective coating in a modern package of 1,500 kilograms (sling - bags).

They are also available in bulk, with the aid of our own silo vehicles, at the delivery silos of our customers (refer to: Companies that trade Concrete, Cement Products, Ready-to-Use Mortars, Tile Adhesives, etc.)

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