The company Tsixlakis AEXTE is active in four sectors:

Steel distribution and forming

Cement import and trade

Production of lime paste

Trade of building materials









Distribution of concrete reinforcement steel:

The company Tsixlakis AEXTE undertakes the supply of large Joint Ventures & large scale Products.

Forming of concrete reinforcement steel::

In our company’s plant in Rethymnon, Crete, operate some of the most modern facilities in Greece, in which is produced the Tsixlakis earthquake-resistant thread, as well as every kind of earthquake-resistant connectors and fasteners, in any form or size.

The certification that our company recently received, on May 5, 2007, of an ISO 9000:2001 certificate by ELOT, guarantees the quality of reinforcement products that the company produces, as well as their resistance, through the continuous inspections and controls which are conducted by approved and authorized bodies.

Production of lime paste

The company has a modern lime paste production plant



The long presence of the company in the sector began in 1965 with the trade of building materials and lime paste production, at the area of Kallithea, in Rethymnon, Crete.

Our course

In 1975 the company Konstantinos Tsixlakis & SON Limited Partnership is established.

In 1979 another member of the Tsixlakis family is added and the company is renamed Konstantinos Tsixlakis & SONS Limited Partnership.


In 1985 a member of the family leaves the company and the company is renamed Konstantinos Tsixlakis & SON Limited Partnership.

In 1994 Konstantinos Tsixlakis leaves the company and the company is renamed Georgios Tsixlakis & Co. Limited Partnership.

In 2002 the company is transformed to an S.A. with the name Tsixlakis AEXTE and is now under the ownership of the family of Georgios Tsixlakis; the company was based in Aghia Pelagia of Rethymnon from 1982 until 2006, in privately owned facilities of an area of 4,000 m2.

In 2004 the company SCRAPHELLAS Limited Partnership is established, undertaking the collection of scrap metal.

In 2006 SCRAPHELLAS S.A. is established having the same business scope.


The company, in order to meet its continuously increasing needs, decided to transfer its headquarters, at the beginning of 2007, to its ultra-modern privately owned facilities, of an area of 25,000 m2.

Having an excellently trained staff & a large fleet of privately owned trucks, fully equipped with cranes, the company undertakes the delivery of materials consistently & responsibly.

With strategic moves that are adapted to the new market conditions, our development policy does not stop there. Today, the Tsixlakis group of companies continues its rising course, taking always into account quality and consistency towards all customers.


Our aim is that all our companies, not only continue to present high development rates, but also to achieve their expansion beyond the natural borders of Crete.

With optimism and through hard work, we are implementing a well considered business plan, which is adapted to the needs of our times and the constant needs of the market, so that we can remain a pioneer in the 21st century too.

The company follows the principles and the philosophy set by its founder, Konstantinos Tsixlakis:

-> consistency & quality in the construction & delivery of the materials
-> understanding and meeting the customer’s needs


President of the Company

Tsixlakis Georgios


Tsixlakis Kostas

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